Nothing makes the child in us come out more than when we start blowing bubbles!


For over ten years, Bubble Trucks have brought life, laughter and a whole lot of fun for anyone that is planning an event or party. It all starts with the simple magic of bubbles. Big Bubbles, little bubbles huge, stand inside the bubble type bubbles all bring out the child in all of us no matter what the age.

Then there are the trucks and cars themselves. YES THERE ARE SEVERAL!

Choose one or more of these specialty vehicles that allow children to interact in and out of each creatively designed car or truck that will have people laughing and want to stop and be a part of the festivities.

Our vehicles include:

The Bubble Truck

The Bubble Bus

The Bubble Wrecker

The One Eyed, One Horned Purple People Eater.

and The Pirate Ship (coming soon).

Want more? In addition to the Bubble Trucks you can add Magic to your party and even the fun of balloons. It's all about making a memorable experience for everyone in attendance.

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